DG Dice Game

For a little fun and something different at the course, try the DG Dice game. Take turns rolling the dice then doing what they say.

Two dice - one for the Disc, and one for the Throw.

OS - Over Stable
US - Under Stable
DD - Distance Driver
FD - Fairway Driver
MD - Midrange Driver
PU - Putter

RL - Roller
OH - Overhand
AH - Anhyzer
HZ - Hyzer
BH - Hack hand
FH - Forehand


Dice come in two sizes, and a variety of colors. Custom colors available upon request.

Disc Display Stand

Display that special, prized disc using the Ace Run Disc Stand. Available in variety of colors. Custom color  and wording available upon request.

DG Dice Doubles Game

Add some excitement to your Doubles Game with the DG Dice Doubles Game. The team at the tee rolls the die before their throw and then must do what the die instructs. Good Luck!

BT - Throw from Best throw
WT - Throw from Worst throw
TP - Other Team picks BT or WT
PD - Other Team picks Disk to throw
PT - Other Team picks Throw: BH, FH, Roller, AH, HZ
PD - Other Team picks disc to throw

* -  The "Star" is wild and the team can chose what they want.


Disc Charging Station

This is a great joke to play on your disc golf buddies for a good laugh! Pull out your Disc Charging Station, place your disc on it, let it charge, then throw! 

The Disc Charing Station is 8" and can also be attached to a bench using pull ties, or screws.

Available in variety of colors. Custom color available upon request.

Disc Wall Hangers

Use these disc wall hangers to display your special disc. They come in 4 styles, and packs of 10.