I'm Mike Bailey, owner of DG Power Up.  My first game of Disc Golf was August 20, 2023 - and like most,  I got hooked and have been ever since. Recently, this past July 22,  2023, I played my 100th round of Disc Golf.  During this first year of DG, practicing, learning - taking lessons, watching videos..., I started making some "training aids" to use during my own lessons. I soon realized that at the time, and even still, there aren't a lot, if any, disc golf training aids out there for us, so I started sharing my ideas, and most everyone though there were great and that I should try to sell them.

I'm still learning - still trying to throw over 300 ft, and not hit a tree every time, so I still use the training aids myself. I can honestly say they have helped me, and I really hope they will help you as well.


Thanks for stopping by,

Mike Bailey