DG Power Pole®

Going out and throwing a disc in an open field is fine, but to get the most out of your field work practice - Improved Accuracy, Familiarization with your Disc and Learning to Shape Your Shots, and Tracking and Measuring Your Distance, you need a Point of Reference. 

Use the DG Power Pole® to Increase your Accuracy and Distance.

The DG Power Pole Kit® comes with:

  • 60in, bright orange sleeve made with weather resistant material that fits over most camera/selfie tripod poles.
  • Wind Direction Flag
  • Flag Holder Adapter
  • Metal Stake

The DG Power Pole is quick and easy to setup. Simply attach the Flag Holder Adapter to the top of the tripod, slip the sleeve over the pole, and then insert the flag. Use the optional metal steak to help secure your tripod to the ground.

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