DG Power Putt®

Putting isn't easy, and it takes a LOT of practice to be a good putter.

The DG Power Putt® can help you with your putting practice.

Fact is, we putt differently from different distances.

When you're practicing and facing the basket, do you know where C1 is located? Stop Guessing your distance to the basket and use the DG Power Putt® to show you exactly where to stand and develop the muscle memory needed to be a consistent, great putter.

The DG Power Putt® is made with a 1 in wide, 34 ft long, durable, nylon strap which easily snaps on to to the basket. There are three 4 in discs attached to the strap at 11 ft, 22 ft, and at C1 - 32.8 Ft.

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michael wooten
10 months ago

Very well made. This is a great tool for practicing.

Garrett Bailey
10 months ago

I really like this. It has helped me tremendously with my putting skills.

The DG Power Putt® is the Perfect Compliment to UDisc's Putting Practice



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