DG Power Line®

The key to throwing well; distance and accuracy, is all about your form. Watch any good disc golf training video, or take a lesson with a good coach, and they will talk about "Staying on Your Line." "Your Line" is an imaginary line on the ground that your disc will follow when pulling from your reach back through to your release. "Your Line" is also a path that your feet will follow during your X-Step walk-up. This imaginary line divides your path into two lanes, and coaches with teach to keep each foot in their lane.

The problem with all of this instruction and coaching is the "imaginary line" - You can't see it... until now.

The DG Power Line® is a real disc golf training aid that you can use when developing or tuning your form.

The DG Power Line® is an 8 foot long, 1 inch wide, bright orange nylon strap that can easily be placed on a tee pad, or laid out in a practice field so that you can SEE your line during your training. It comes with two steel stakes to secure the strap to the ground using the brass gromets at each end of the strap, and comes with a self-gripping securing strap for storing the DG Power Line®.

Stop Imagining, and Start Seeing!

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